English at Stavraki School

agglika supermarketAt Stavraki School, English is taken very seriously, all pupils have daily lessons, starting from pre-kindergarten through to year six. As our pupils' progress and move up the educational ladder, each of our three English teachers ensures the best possible language development according to the age and ability of the children for whom they are responsible.

Starting with the Pre- and Kindergarten classes, emphasis is given to oral skills and especially the correct pronunciation of the English language .Through fun and games in an almost entirely English speaking environment, a love of the language and culture is deeply embedded along with an urge to learn more. When a child's first contact with a foreign language is an enjoyable, creative and stimulating experience then he/she will wish to continue the learning process as best he can.

agglika protiIn Class One we introduce the written alphabet, following up with reading and writing and of course a higher level of oral and aural fluency and vocabulary. A unique ELT series is imported from the UK, accompanied by an extensive range of additional material both traditional and hi-tech (such as our interactive whiteboard). The fun component to language learning is just as vital as it is at a younger age, and the children are also introduced weekly to the wonders of beginner's English literature; teaching them how to listen to and enjoy the magic in the world of story-telling.

In Class Two the foundations of English grammar are laid, based on the already solid syllabus completed in Class One. The children develop their knowledge and understanding using course books at Junior A LEVEL, again using modern means such as the provided software for the interactive whiteboard and carefully selected material on the internet plus of course traditional materials such as audio cd's, dvd's, weekly story telling plus the use of a lending library.

agglika tritiIn Class Three children move on up the system and a smooth progression towards senior levels is ensured. This class covers skills and language corresponding with the Junior B level. Again, the language and grammar introduced is of a level compatible to the pupils' age and ability, and the children are encouraged to push themselves and to stretch both their imaginations and efforts to advance as much as possible, helping themselves become independent responsible learners. In addition to specifically chosen course books, simple class readers are also integrated into the lesson plans, to start the children on the path towards more advanced and analytical literature study.

In Class Four, having established by now the basis of a structured language, the pupils complete this year having successfully covered the Senior A level, and are ready to move confidently onto a more advanced syllabus. Oral and aural skills are much improved and the level of spoken English as well as grammatical fluency is already at a high standard.

THE SECRET GARDEN11 MAY 2012 076In Class Five our aim is to teach our pupils to "learn how to learn". Step by step they are guided towards becoming independent learners, confident and unafraid to tackle any reading comprehension text or grammar exercise within or even above their level. Their skills are further enriched with emphasis on writing techniques gradually covering its various forms.

The introduction to formal literature in Class 5 with carefully selected graded readers, not only upgrades the pupils' understanding of the language but also cultivates their critical thinking in Class Six. Humanizing teaching of the language is emphasized to ensure that our pupils as individuals learn how to empathize with the people around them but also acquire the skills to communicate their emotions and feelings. By the end of Class Six and Primary School, Senior C level is covered and consolidated. Our pupils are on their way to FCE within the following two years.

Throughout the school, teaching materials are constantly reviewed and renewed to ensure maximum success in English teaching. In addition to English lessons in our school computer lab, all 8 classes are equipped with an interactive whiteboard, which facilitates and enhances the learning experience, covering our pupils' multiple intelligences.