English at Stavraki School

agglika supermarketAt Stavraki School, English is taken very seriously, all pupils have daily lessons, starting from pre-kindergarten through to year six. As our pupils progress and move up the educational ladder, each of our three English teachers ensures the best possible language development according to the age and ability of the children for whom they are responsible.
Starting with the Pre- and Kindergarten classes, emphasis is given to oral skills and especially the correct pronunciation of the English language .Through fun and games in an almost entirely English speaking environment, a love of the language and culture is deeply embedded along with an urge to learn more. When a child's first contact with a foreign language is an enjoyable, creative and stimulating experience then he/she will wish to continue the learning process as best he can.

WATER GAMES... στο Νηπιαγωγείο

nipia english 4Splish! Splash! Crazy water games!

Tents and tunnels – Peek-a-Boo!

Painting with our hands and feet,

Stories in the garden, too!

Summertime English is lots of fun,

For children, teachers.. everyone!

nipia english 5